Ensuring high performance of applications & secure networks

Breaking Point

(All In One Applications & Testing Platform)

Validate the security posture of your networks with real applications and complete range of threat vectors.


• Enterprise IT suffering from DDoS attacks, cyber attacks, etc.
• Lacks quantifiable means of determining the best technologies for their environments (vendor data sheets insufficient)
• Needs to validate/justify large investments in security
• Next-gen technologies are not performing to specification
• Lawful intercept and data loss prevention (DLP) suffer poor detection accuracy
• Inability to generate high-volume traffic to stress-test networks and application rollouts
• Test platforms used by NEMs are cost-prohibitive


• Simulates more than 300 real-world application protocols
• Allows for customization and manipulation of any protocol, including raw data
• Generates a mix of protocols at high speed with realistic protocol weight
• Supports more than 38,000 attacks and malwares
• Delivers all types of traffic simultaneously from a single port including legitimate traffic, DDoS, and malware
• Bi-monthly updates ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest applications and threats

Load Tester

Load & performance testing for multiplay services, application delivery platforms, and network security appliances. Measure the quality of experience of real-time, business-critical applications with converged multiplay service emulations.


• IPS/IDS and other inline tools add network points of failure
• Company has made significant investments in monitoring tools that don’t scale to support 10G or 40G links
• Service Level Agreements (SLAs) require link and tool redundancy


• Offers the industry’s highest HTTP, SSL, and IPsec performance and scale
• Delivers end-to-end testing of converged application delivery infrastructure and services
• Provides real-time insight into quality of experience
• Supports fully integrated broadband network infrastructures with application traffic testing
• Serves as the only test solution in the market that can model the dynamic nature of user behavior
• Achieves seamless application performance validation across physical and virtual networks.

Network Infrastructure Tester

A comprehensive network infrastructure performance testing solution. It scales to handle most powerful devices and largest networks, from routing and switching to data centre ethernet and software defined networking..


• Complex applications and changing business requirements
• Vendor Selection – deciding on what device works best in your environment
• Insuring same or better performance after patches / software updates are applied.
• Performance impact due to support of SSL encrypted traffic.
• Process optimisation for Cyber attacks and incidence responses.


• Offers test coverage from 1G to 400G Ethernet
• Provides comprehensive protocol coverage for routing/switching, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), broadband access, industrial Ethernet (IE), data center networking, and software-defined networking (SDN)
• Generates traffic flows that mimic realistic user applications and scenarios
• Works smoothly in virtualized network environments, and runs from any commercially available compute environment
• Delivers end-to-end test system automation
• Performs rapid isolation of service violations, including thorough traffic-flow analysis

Performance Assessment Solution

Instant performance assessment of complex networks from pre- to post-deployment.


• Regular checks of performance, quality of service delivery, network infrastructure, virtual infrastructure from various points to deploy and manage
• Being able to model various new service scenarios across dozens of distributed sites to get an idea of how the service will be.
• Having a solution that can quickly resolve issues with active tests and help isolate network paths or devices.
• Continuous auditing of network, all of its critical services proactively.


• Used by industry leaders and experts, including the Wi-Fi Alliance
• Instantly assesses network performance, including wireless performance and geo-location
• Performance Endpoints run on mobile, PC, Mac or in any hypervisor or cloud service
• Allows for central management of any platform via Performance Endpoints
• Delivers full application emulation and key performance metrics, including throughput, packet loss, jitter, delay, MOS, and OTT video like Netflix, YouTube
• Trusted tool for both private virtual and public cloud infrastructures

IoT Testing

Comprehensive test and assessment for IoT devices. Characterize and optimize IoT devices under real-world deployment conditions


• World’s first and only IoT test product that can emulate complex real-world networks that include hospitals, meeting rooms, and conference centers
• Integrated product that combines the functionality of multiple tools in one single product, greatly simplifying the user experience and reducing TCO
• Powerful system that can test IoT devices for line-rate throughput or scale networks to real-world conditions
• Real-time statistics to cut down debug time, and real-time capture for deep-dive analysis
• Single product to address test needs throughout product life-cycle, from early stages of design/development to interoperability testing before deployment
• Built-in, click-and-go tests for characterizing performance over distance, roams, ecosystems, interference, and data-plane traffic
• Channel modeling to emulate real-world RF channels during testing
• Interference generation—Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Microware, and other RF interference

Wi-Fi Performance Tester

Assess, Test & Validate Wi-Fi performance of WLAN devices and networks by recreating real world scenarios.


• World’s most advanced test product that can emulate a variety of Wi-Fi devices to validate complex networks
• Delivers comprehensive radio frequency (RF), protocol, and stress testing
• Features breakthrough 4 x 4 MIMO 802.11ac technology
• Offers vital and unique MU-MIMO testing that includes Beamforming accuracy
• Employs a client-centric model that measures quality of experience (QoE) from the customer point of view
• Provides detailed performance metrics to assess the quality of voice, video, unified communications, web, and industry-specific applications

Threat Intelligence Gateway

Block connections from known malicious IP addresses and untrusted countries while preventing phishing replies and botnet connections. Reduce ‘alert fatigue’ by stemming the flood of alerts from SIEMs and security tools. Help Protect from Zero Day Malware Mutations. Block up to 80% of Malicious Traffic—Including Botnets and Ransomware.


• Burdened by the increasing number of security alerts
• Security costs as attack surface grows
• Firewalls and SIEM tools overloaded with unnecessary traffic.
• Can’t turn on advanced features on security tools due to overload and/or latency concerns
• No easy way to limit network access by country / geography
• No simple way for SIEM tools to automatically block IP addresses that are continuously triggering security alerts


• Provides full line-rate performance
• Eliminates 30% of alert-generating connection attempts, and yields a 15x return on investment in a single year
• Updates threat data every 5 minutes with cloud-based Application Threat Intelligence (ATI) feed
• Delivers clear on-screen proof of malicious activity for any blocked sites
• Offers on-box and off-box logging of blocked connections and system events
• Features easy 30-minute setup, with no ongoing tuning or maintenance required
• Provides an intuitive, on-screen dashboard displaying blocked sites, countries of origin, and statistics

Network Packet Brokers

Easy-to-use, intelligent filtering and distribution of traffic.


• Aggregates monitored traffic from multiple links and segments
• Deep packet inspection and filtering grooms traffic to relieve overburdened monitoring tools
• Load-balances traffic across a variety of tools
• Regenerates traffic to multiple tools
• Time stamping and data masking aid in compliance and working with sensitive data
• Extended burst protection, available with the Advanced Feature Module, offers traffic management and protection to online businesses subject to bursts of actvity
• Provides SSL decryption for greater insight, including all traffic
• Integrated Advanced Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP) module, included with the Vision Series of NPB’s to enable access to actionable metadata and insight into applications, including your mission-critical custom apps
• Installs, configures, and sends clean traffic to appliances in less than 30 minutes
• Delivers 10x or better ROI by boosting IT tem productivity, allowing teams to work 5x faster than CLI-based alternatives.
• Enabling faster deployments of best-of-breed analytics. Speeds evaluation cycle by simultaneously trying competing solutions.
• Lengthening the life of existing investments 10x or better savings
• Improving availability and network uptime by 5x or better

Network Monitoring Unit

A Flexible and Powerful Approach to Network Visibility.


• Features high density—up to 384 ports of 10GE, 96 ports of 40GE, or 12 ports of 100GE in 7U, including up to 192 ports of 10GE or 48 ports of 40GE advanced functionality
• Delivers high performance – Over 3.8Tb of backplane capacity for wire-speed performance in any configuration
• Introduces a scalable, modular architecture that grows with your needs and maximizes tool investments — able to distribute traffic to tools at line-rates different from your core network
• Offers high availability with redundant power supplies, fans, line modules, and supervisors; also available in a single-supervisor version
• Supports the same drag-and-drop control panel that is used by the entire Ixia 5200 Series family, allowing for complete system configuration

Network Monitoring Switch

A high-density, high availability 10G/40G/100G network monitoring switch


• Provides 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE support
• Designed for high availability with dedundant management ports, power supplies and fan trays
• Delivers a ZERO-loss packet processing
• Includes centralized filter templates and custom dynamic filtering
• With Advanced Feature Module (AFM), offers burst protection, packet reduplication, and trimming

Network Monitoring Tool

Provides high-performance Packet Processing 10G visibility for network monitoring tools in all parts of a fiber network


• Delivers 1/10GE optical interface support
• Supports ZERO-loss packet processing
• Includes extensive features such as deduplication, packet trimming, protocol stripping, burst protection, and time-stamping
• Offers up to 24 small form-factor pluggable (SFP)/SFP+ and four 10/100/1000 copper Ethernet ports with port reconfiguration with no performance impact
• Industry’s most advanced easy-to-use drag-and-drop control panel

Network Performance Check Automation

Proactive network performance monitoring for ongoing application reliability improving the application delivery experience


• Security Beaches
• Performance Problems
• Expertise & Learning curve
• Lack of Visibility
• Limited Scale & Limited Services
• Data Loss
• Complex applications and changing business requirements
• Vendor Selection – deciding on what device works best in your environment
• Insuring same or better performance after patches / software updates are applied.
• Performance impact due to support of SSL encrypted traffic.
• Process optimisation for Cyber attacks and incidence responses.


• Central systems management as a virtual appliance to manage hundreds of probes anywhere
• Active traffic simulation on a schedule using trusted Performance Endpoints
• Delivers full application emulation and service quality metrics including throughput, packet loss, jitter, delay, MOS, and application experience
• Global dashboards and deep trending to find patterns of network behaviour and faults
• Effective SLA pass/fail with alerts to existing NMS or remediation systems
• 100% software or turnkey hardware endpoints for easy and fast deployment
• Includes a cloud option that can be run with the main console, hosted from a single site or data centre, and accessed publicly by teams at multiple locations

Application & Threat Intelligence Processor

Intelligent Visibility for Enhanced Network Security and Troubleshooting


• Deeper insight into application traffic is needed to
• Troubleshoot application performance.
• Consistently maintain network security resilence
• Meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


• Offers a built-in deep packet inspection (DPI) engine for application classification, including custom applications and geographies
• Enables high-speed processing of encrypted traffic with hardware-assisted security socket layer (SSL) decryption
• Adds a growing set of IxFlow™ extensions to standard Netflow, including geolocation, cryptographic information, handset type, and OS and browser type
• Enables users to easily target traffic by application, handset type, application type, and geography
• Ensures quick troubleshooting and understanding of network activity with built-in real-time web dashboard
• Allows sensitive data to be isolated and partially overwritten before forwarding on to recording tools using UI-based data masking

Network Taps

Reliable data access family of products for monitoring live network traffic


• Difficulty pinpointing the cause of bottlenecks
• Service Level Agreements (SLAs) require link and tool redundancy
• IPS/IDS and other inline tools add network points of failure
• Regular maintenance on inline security devices requires links to be brought down or left exposed


• Provide 100% visibility to link traffic for greater security and network monitoring tools
• Offer in-line link failover protection
• Ensure access-ready connectivity
• Eliminate high costs and potential blind spots associated with adding SPAN ports
• Save valuable rack real estate with high-density solution
• Deliver fully passive functionality so monitoring infrastructure does not impact network availability

Bypass Switches

Failsafe devices to ensure uptime and high availability of monitoring and security deployments & protecting your network from interruption, An Inline Lifeline for Growing Networks


• Pre-configured Heartbeats—World’s only bypass to work with security tools through a single click, reducing setup times and eliminating potential errors during deployment
• Central Management Support—Ixia’s Indigo Pro, the industry’s only centralized bypass management tool, simplifies and speeds configuration and management of tens to hundreds of devices
• Redundant or Serial Active Tool Support—Deploy multiple tools inline with a single bypass; the bypass supporting active-standby and active-active network/security architectures
• Provide access to full-duplex links using a single NIC on the monitoring or analyzer tool


• Offers two families of aggregator taps to fit specific needs
• Port Aggregator Taps aggregate all traffic from one inline network link for up to two monitoring tools with port aggregator taps
• Link Aggregator Taps aggregate all traffic from 1 to 24 inline or SPAN network links for up to 23 monitoring tools with link aggregator taps
• Provides complete visibility without interfering with the data stream and without introducing a point of failure
• Enhances monitoring security because no IP address is needed

Virtual Tap

Get visibility into the traffic between virtual machines in virtualized environments – A cost-effective answer to securing Virtualized Environments


• Organization needs visibility into virtual environment to troubleshoot performance issues
• Customer needs to increase security for virtual environments
• Lack of visibility poses potential threats to security, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and compliance with industry regulations (ex. HIPAA in healthcare, PCI-DSS for financial card transactions, SOX in the enterprise)


• Extends monitoring access into the inter-VM networking layer
• Enables monitoring for security and compliance in virtualized environments
• Applies existing physical monitoring tools, processes, and procedures to the virtual network
• Eliminates need to install any agents in VMs with partner-only API access
• Optimizes system resources without sacrificing performance

Load Testing Module

World’s first native 100GbE application and security load module


• High-speed, low latency security attack and traffic load testing
• Scalable for testing at terabit rates and tens of millions of IP connections
• Massive scale, easy-to-use and high-fidelity simulations
• Benchmark and validate performance of network infrastructures and devices
• Deploy compact cyber ranges for training cyber warriors

Ethernet Load Testing Module

World’s first 400Gbps Higher Speed Ethernet test solution to meet the growing bandwidth requirements


• 400GbE Test System is a developer kit to help test and accelerate pre-standard 400GbE networking hardware
• Line rate packet generation, receive-side analysis and capture
• Support for standard Ixia instrumentation
• Layer 1 BERT and PCS analysis
• Ixia’s own 400GE MAC engine for true interoperability with other vendor IP