The threat cyber actors pose to our corporate and government networks puts our nation at risk.
As the stakes increase, so do the expectations of stakeholders. We serve businesses and government agencies, while protecting the safety, security, and critical infrastructure this nation is reliant upon.


Our professionals who have honed their craft and their unmatched cyber defense capabilities protect our nation today, securing sensitive information and communications from the world’s elite cyber adversaries. Whether the goal is national security, protecting our way of life, or serving our nation’s citizens, we stand ready.

• Armed Services
• Defence Research and Development Organisations
• Defence Ancillaries
• Space Research Centres
• Intelligence Agencies
• Power Corporations


Our vision is a corporate INDIA with an IT infrastructure impervious to attackers. With so much at stake, from critical information and intellectual property to corporate valuation and customer privacy, commercial entities look to TOP GUN to help fortifying their network security posture. We protect all types of industries:

• Financial and Insurance services
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Media & entertainment
• Telecommunications
• Technology
• Aerospace
• Manufacturing
• Oil Gas and Power sectors

We secure the networks of those who fully grasp the consequences of only meeting the solution halfway. Our extensive cyber security capabilities protect the networks and critical information of both state and local government agencies. Our customization network security services and offerings help keep your networks protected by the same experts who provide cyber defense for the government and business community. By training your personnel—or deploying our own cyber operators—to identify, mitigate, and eradicate malicious cyber actors, we enable your ability to secure your critical information while you continue serving the community.